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The role of a good frame can not be overestimated. Many artists considered frame a part of the art piece, even starting work sketching on canvas within the frame. The frame is what connects the work of art with your house, and at the same moment emphasizes and makes the art piece stand out. Also photography framing is more open and flexible then the one in classic art forms, been a “capture of the reality”, even a “time machine”, the photograph needs a connection to its new reality - new home. Appropriate frame and matting fills this gap.

Prints on paper should be protected form dust and other mishaps - they are quite fragile. Plexi-glass (acrylic) is the most common choice for protecting the art piece. Lamination is gaining popularity lately with availability of non-glare surfaces and non-yellowing glues. The option exists to coat mounted paper print with clear, satin or matte acrilic varnish which eliminates need of protective glass and proivides UV protection.

Unfortunately any protection brings something undesirable. Clear glass or coats always add unwanted reflections, while matte coats or non-glare glass dulls the protected art piece. More exotic option is a glass with non-reflective coating - pretty much the same as on a photo lens. Result is truly amazing, but the price of such glass is even more “amazing”.

If you selecting a non-glare glass option, consider that side effects (dullness and haziness) increase with distance of the piece from the glass surface. Matte prints, I make, are suitable to be pressed directly to the protective glass surface without visual side effects, as glossy prints do. Framing without mat or with a single thin 1/16” (4 ply) mat gives good result. Double matting or 8 ply mats moves piece too far from the matted surface and makes it too fuzzy.

Prints on canvas are normally stretched on a mounting frame at the print shop and protected with varnish. After that they almost as durable as art work in oil and can be framed the same way. Gallery wrap is another popular option where print is wrapped around the mounting frame, continuing on sides and eliminating need of external frame. Not mounted prints on canvases are even more fragile then ones on paper and are not recommended for shipping with parcel service as print can not support itself and may chip.

Matting is also important for proper presentation. The mat board produced as 40”x30” sheets. Some frame shops limit the outer size of the mat to 39”x29”, allowing them to cut off damaged edges. This size limitation may not allow matting of wide panoramic prints. Frame molding and acrylic sheets can be found up to 8 feet long.

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