Amber Photo - Fine Art Photography by Slava Shabrov

About Slava Shabrov

Slava is a self-taught artist. He was involved in photography since childhood, devoting much time to develop technical skills and artistic vision.

Slava's main interest lies with endless aspects of nature, redwoods, wild and garden plants, rock formations, streams and vistas. His specialty is breathtaking panoramas that bring the great outdoors closer, encompassing the viewer. His photographs passionately reveal the beauty of parks, preserves and gardens and remind us about beauty that we often forget in our urban life.

For years Slava was working with black and white film, exploring light, textures and shapes, inspiring imagination of the viewer. Once the quality of digital cameras improved enough to make it compelling to try them, Slava made the transition to the new technology. Flexibility of digital processing along with improvements in printing technology opened new horizons in revealing full potential of light and color.

Regardless of technique, being in the right place at the right time, selecting your subject and making the best judgment about composition and lightning is what ensures the best result.

Born in Moscow, Russia, Slava moved to San Francisco Bay Area, California in 90s where he works and lives now.