Amber Photo - Fine Art Photography by Slava Shabrov

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Custom prints are, well, custom and printed individually upon request. If custom print matches or exceeds the size of existing Limited Edition print line, it will be counted towards this edition while available Limited Edition prints is destroyed or not produced.

I am recommending prints on heavy acid free coated matte paper or fine art paper as it was selected for this line of prints.

Prints on paper can be mounted on a Foam-Core® or Gatorfoam® board and protected with UV protective coating, allowing framing without protective glass. Satin and matte finishes are available.

Prints on canvas are also available. Canvases allowing bigger print sizes - because of texture they are not as demanding on sharpness and details as paper does. While ordering print on canvas I would advice to order stretched print on a frame, coated with UV protective coating. Uncoated print on canvas in a roll can not support itself and will easily chip. It is not recommended for shipping with parcel service. Standard and “gallery wrap” stretching is available with depth of the frame up to 2 inches.

Price and materials for custom prints defined individually. 50% non-refundable deposit required for orders exceeding $100.